Cyclone, 40 Diamonds

Cyclone, 40 Diamonds


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100% transparent watch.
Round bezel with 40 diamonds 1.2 ct.
3 hands (hour, minute, second).
Dial: 5 available colors.
Steel case. Leather strap.

For both men and women.

This quality fashionable watch captivates by its creative beauty and singularity.

Revolutionary Watch
The Cyclone compensates the gravity effects and all the effects induced by the wrist movements. It is the first movement in the world able of such compensation for wristwatches.

The movement is composed of 9 perfectly parallel transparent sapphire discs. 4 (hours, minutes, seconds, and false seconds moving in the anticlockwise direction) of which are mobile. No other watch in the world uses a sapphire movement apart from Quinting. No other one is transparent.

High complication: the Cyclone watches are composed of 186 parts and houses.

Creative, audacious, flamboyant, and perfectly aesthetic, the Cyclone catches the imagination of both aficionados and connoisseurs looking for something unique.

Designer ID
  • المخزون محدود
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